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Tool Test: WORX ExacTrack Circular Saw

If you’ve ever struggled to make perfectly straight cuts with a circular saw, then you’re going to love the new ExacTrack saw from WORX. This 6½-in. cordless circular saw is equipped with a built-in edge guide that allows even novice DIYers to consistently make long, accurate cuts with ease.

The ExacTrack guide is the red portion of the saw’s shoe (base plate) that’s visible in the above photo. The track pivots up and out of the way, allowing you to clamp a straightedge guide directly on the cut line.

Ordinarily you’d have to measure the offset distance from the blade to the edge of the shoe, so you'd know where to clamp the straightedge guide, a step that takes time and requires meticulous measuring. With ExacTrack, everything you need to make perfectly straight cuts is built right into the saw. Here’s how it works:

Begin by marking the cut line onto the workpiece, then clamp a straightedge guide flush on the line; a long, straight 1x4 or 1x6 works well as a guide.

Next, unlock the ExacTrack guide by sliding the red lever at the rear of the saw from Standard to ExacTrack (below, right).

Now, manually pivot the ExacTrack guide upward, raise the lower blade guard and set the saw into position with the ExacTrack resting flat on top of the clamped-in-place straightedge.

Now, as you guide the saw through the cut, the blade will cut perfectly flush against the straightedge and right on the cutting line (below, left). It’s that simple.

I found the ExacTrack to be especially useful—and accurate—when cutting plywood, MDF (medium-density fiberboard), and other sheet goods. And when you want to resume normal sawing operations, simply slide the lever from ExacTrack back to Standard. That’ll lock the ExacTrack guide in place flush with the saw’s base plate.

The ExacTrack Cordless Saw (Model WX530L) has a 4,900-rpm motor and is powered by a 20-volt lithium-ion battery. Its aluminum shoe pivots to 50°, and can cut up to 2 5/32 in. deep at 90° and 1 17/32 in. deep at 45°. The saw costs about $120 and comes ready to cut with one 20-volt battery, a battery charger, carbide-tipped saw blade, and vacuum adapter for hooking up to a wet/dry vac. For more information, visit: www.worx.com.

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