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Tool Test: Garelick Roof Snow Rake

If you live in an area that receives significant snowfall, as I do, you should definitely consider getting a roof rake. A roof rake is nothing more than a long-handled tool with a wide blade on one end, which you can use to pull snow off the roof of your house. Now you might be wondering, why bother won’t the snow just melt and run into the gutter? Well, yes—sometimes. Other times that melting snow will freeze along the eave and create an ice dam. However, by removing snow from the lower edge of the roof, you can greatly reduce the chance of an ice dam forming. (See, Ice Dam Cometh, for more information.)

This past fall, prior to the first snowstorm, I purchased a roof rake made by Garelick Manufacturing in St. Paul Park, Minnesota ($49 on Amazon). The made-in-the-U.S.A. rake is manufactured out of high-tensile aluminum, which is lightweight, but surprisingly strong. It comprises four 5-ft.-long sections of tubing and a 24-in.-wide rake head. The aluminum parts connect with snap-button locks, providing an overall reach of about 21 ft.

I’ve used the rake six times so far (including just this morning!) and I couldn’t be happier with it. The 7-in.-tall blade has two diagonal braces for optimum support, and is equipped with two plastic rollers that reduce friction and protect the roof shingles from damage (shown below).

The long handle was little unwieldy at first, but after some practice, I was able to control the rake with ease. This morning I used the rake to remove about 7 in. of wet, heavy snow, but last month, I used it to pull off 12 in. of snow. I love my Garelick Roof Snow Rake, and would highly recommend it.

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