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Tool Test: B&D Cordless Sander

I recently added a new cordless tool to my ever-growing arsenal of battery-powered tools. It’s the Black & Decker 20-volt Max Random-Orbit Sander (Model BDCRO20C).

Battery-powered sanders are still relatively new, especially when compared to cordless drills and even cordless circular saws, which have been around for decades. So, I didn’t want to spend big bucks on a heavy-duty pro model, and instead decided on the very affordable B&D sander shown here. I’ve only had the sander for about a month, but I must say that I’m very impressed with the speed, power and comfort of this homeowner-grade sander.

It’s powered by a 20-volt lithium-ion battery that drives the 5-in. sanding pad at 12,000 orbits per minute. That’s plenty fast enough to remove paint and varnish, ease sharp edges, and smooth the roughest boards—when you go through a progression of finer and finer grit abrasive disks.

The hook-and-loop (Velcro) sanding pad accepts standard 5-in.-dia., eight-hole abrasive disks. Sanding dust is drawn through the pad and into the attached cloth dust-collection bag.

This is a very compact, comfortable to use sander that produces very little hand-numbing vibrations. I also like the fact that it’s equipped with an ejection spring that pops the battery off the tool the instant you depress the battery’s latch. It’s a small thing, I know, but it sure is convenient.

And I found the dust collection bag very effective at trapping even the finest dust particles, but it’s nearly impossible to remove. It took all my strength to yank it off. I’m concerned I’m going to rip or break it before too long.

All in all, though, I’m very pleased with this little cordless sander and plan on using it on all my upcoming woodworking and home-improvement projects. It comes with one 20-volt, 1.5-amp hour battery, battery charger, and three abrasive disks for just $60. You can also purchase it with two 1.5-amp-hour batteries for $103 or with one 1.5-amp hour battery and one max-capacity 4.0-amp hour battery for $158.

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