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Professional-Grade Pin Nailer

I own more than a dozen pneumatic nailers, but my favorite by far—and the one I use most often—is my pin nailer. It’s an old model that I purchased several years ago, but it’s just about worn out. So, I was very excited to learn that DeWalt recently introduced a newly designed pin nailer (shown above) that boasts the best combination of features, performance and capabilities.

For the uninitiated, a pin nailer is an air-powered tool that shoots super-thin, headless nails, called pins. The 23-gauge pins are so tiny that you often don’t even have to fill the resulting holes with putty. Pin nailers are ideal for attaching thin wood edge banding, small-diameter moldings, cabinet trim, and picture frames. I also use my pin nailer when building cabinets, bookcases and other large projects. During the glue-up assembly, I tack all the parts together with the pin nailer, square ‘em up, and then reinforce the joints with screws or nails.

The new DeWalt pin nailer (Model DWFP2350K) accepts 23-gauge pins ranging in length from 5/8 to 2 in., and that’s pretty impressive because many pin nailers have a maximum-length capacity of about 1 3/8 in.

This is also the world’s first pin nailer with a tool-free jam-release mechanism (below) that allows you to quickly and effortlessly remove crumpled, jammed pins without having to mess around with a wrench, screwdriver or any other tool. Simply unsnap the nosepiece, swing it up and out of the way, pull out the obstruction, snap closed the nosepiece and you’re ready to resume nailing (pinning…?).

Other notable features include a knurled adjustment knob for quickly setting the drive-depth of the pins, an oil-free motor that reduces annoying oil stains on wood surfaces, 135-pin-capacity magazine, low-nail lockout alert that lets you know when it’s time to reload, and a reversible belt hook.

The Model DWFP2350K operates at pressure ranging between 70 and 100 PSI. It costs about $150, and comes complete with a ¼-in. fitting, two no-mar tips and a carrying case.

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