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Oil Treatment for Leather Gloves

When leather work gloves become wet and then dry out, they end up stiff and brittle. This condition not only makes the gloves uncomfortable to wear, but it also shortens the life of the leather.

To keep the gloves supple—and prevent future cracking—revive the leather by first coating your hands with a thick layer of petroleum jelly or Bag Balm. Then slip on the gloves and rub your hands together to condition the inside leather surfaces.

Now take a big dollop of mink oil and rub it into the outside of the gloves. Be sure to rub oil into all seams and between each finger. Let the gloves rest overnight, so the leather can absorb any excess lubricant.

Repeat the oil treatment once a year to extend the life of the gloves. By the way, this technique can be used on leather dress gloves, too.

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