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Kreg Track Horse: A Winning Thoroughbred

The humble, unassuming sawhorse has been an invaluable fixture on jobsites and in workshops for centuries. (One of the first known illustrations of a sawhorse was published in 1556.) Today, you can go into any hardware store or home center and find lots of ready-made sawhorses made of metal, plastic or wood. But there’s never been anything quite like the new Kreg Track Horse. In fact, calling the Track Horse a sawhorse is like referring to the Grand Canyon as a hole in the ground. Technically correct, but not a true and wholly accurate representation.

The Track Horse (Model KWS500) is a versatile, portable, super-strong work support that’s made of sturdy steel and aluminum. Its four legs easily adjust to six different heights, and fold flat for convenient storage and transport (as shown below). The horizontal aluminum track has a keyhole slot that accepts a Kreg Bench Clamp or sacrificial 2x4 to protect the track when sawing and routing.

The Track Horse is also designed be used in conjunction with a second Track Horse (shown below) or with a Kreg Mobile Project Center to create an oversized work surface or spacious cutting platform. The included steel support brackets make it easy to connect two units

together with standard 2x4s. And when paired with another Track Horse, the two can support an impressive 2,200 lbs.

The Track Horse lists for about $120 and comes with a 3-in.-capacity bench clamp, two support brackets, two track bushings and screws (for attaching sacrificial 2x4s), and an owner’s manual. For more information, visit kregtools.com or call 800-447-8638. And to see a video of the Track Horse, click here.

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