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Fast Fix for Popped Nails

If the interior of your home is finished with drywall—as most are—then chances are you’ve got at least a few popped nails blemishing the walls and ceilings. It’s tempting to just tap down the protrusions, but that won’t prevent them from popping back out. Here’s a more permanent remedy:

Start by either pulling out the nail with pliers, or driving it deep into the drywall with a hammer and nail set. Then, use a cordless drill to drive a 1 5/8-in.-long drywall screw into the wall about an inch above and below the original nail, as shown above. Be sure the screws hit the center of the stud, and that the screw heads dimple the surface, but don’t tear through the paper face of the drywall.

An easy way to drive the screws to the proper depth is to replace your standard screw-driving tip with a drywall-dimpling bit. The bit (shown below) has a specially designed collar that prevents you from driving the screw too deeply.

Once you’ve driven in the two screws, conceal the repair by using a 4-in.-wide drywall knife to spread joint compound over the screw heads. Let it dry overnight, sand lightly with 150-grit sandpaper, and then apply another thin coat of compound over the whole area.

Once the patch is completely dry, sand it lightly, and finish it with primer and two topcoats of paint.

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