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A/C Drain Pump: Clog Buster for Central-Air Systems

A few weeks ago, I wrote a piece about how to fix a leaky central air-conditioning system. And I mentioned a new pump that makes it easy to maintain condensate lines. Several of you contacted me for more information, so here you go:

The A/C Drain Pump is an ingeniously simple, yet amazingly effective tool for keeping air-conditioning condensate lines cleaned out and flowing freely. It requires no electricity and quickly connects to any ¾-in.-dia. PVC drain line, and to most installed clean-out devices.

By the way, if your A/C system doesn’t have a clean-out device in the drain line at the air handler, consider installing one. Installation is very DIY friendly, and it makes it very easy to clear out the condensate line without cutting into the drain line. Plus, clean-out devices are now code required in most states. For more information, visit the website: allaccessdevice.com.

Now, the A/C Drain Pump is a foot-activated pump that produces a tremendous amount of pressure to blast out the most stubborn clogs. Simply set the pump on a flat surface, connect its flexible hose to the A/C drain line or clean-out device, and then slowly press down on the pump’s bellows with your foot to force air down the condensate line. Repeat until the obstruction is cleared out and the line is open.

For more information or to purchase the A/C Drain Pump ($59), go to: ac-drain-pump.com.

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