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3-in-1 Lawn-Care Tool

When I first saw the new Black & Decker 12-in. Compact Mower, I wondered why in the world would anyone need such a tiny mower. Wouldn’t it take forever to mow a lawn in 12-in. swaths? But, then I took a second look and discovered that this mini-mower might just make perfect sense.

First, it’s important to note that this new, corded electric “mower” isn’t really a mower in the truest sense. It’s actually a string trimmer that transforms into three different lawn-care machines: mini-mower, string trimmer, and lawn edger.

To mow grass, snap on the detachable, four-wheeled mower deck (as shown above), and you’re ready to mow in places that you can’t easily reach with a regular lawnmower, such as under shrubs, between plantings, on steep slopes, and around flowerbeds.

Remove the mower deck and you’ve got a powerful string trimmer. And, finally, rotate the trimmer head to convert the tool into a precision wheeled lawn edger (below).

The Black & Decker 3-in-1 Compact Electric Mower (Model BESTA512CM; $80) has a 6.5-amp motor, adjustable front handle, extension-cord retention clip, and an auto-feed spool that lengthens the cutting line without having to bang the tool on the ground.

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