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3 DIY Drywall Dust-Catching Tips

Drilling and cutting into walls creates an amazing amount of drywall or plaster dust. Here are three ways simple ways to catch the dust and debris:

1) When sawing a large square or rectangular hole in a wall, make a dust-catching trough from a sheet of newspaper. Tape the sheet to the wall just below the hole, then fold up the ends and tape them to the wall forming a U-shaped trough. Be sure to use painters tape to avoid damaging the wall paint. As you saw into the wall, the dust will fall into the paper trough. When done, peel off the tape and fold up and discard the newspaper sheet.

2) When drilling several small-diameter holes in walls, catch the dust in a small paper lunch bag. Use painter’s tape to stick the bag to the wall directly below the hole location. Drill the hole and the dust will drop into the bag. Peel the tape off the wall, move the bag down to the next hole location and repeat.

3) When you need to drill just one or two holes in a wall, try this trick to catch the dust: Slightly dampen the edge of a single sheet of newspaper or paper towel. Then, stick the damp paper to the wall. Raise the bottom (dry) half of the sheet to create a trough, and drill the hole. The dust will fall into the paper.

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